SAP Router Status Check

Logon to the SAP system which is already configured for SAP Router Settings.

Check – 1

SM59 –> open the defination SAPOSS –> Press the button “Connection Test”

If result returns with same as the picture below , then we can say SAProuter is working for us…


Check – 2

Open the web site, select the releated SAP system and check the “Connection” status under the “SAPRouter Status” area

If result is “Connected” then it means that SAPRouter is working….


Check – 3

Checking the UNIX systems


Mon Sep 13 22:11:13 2013 SAP Network Interface Router, Version 39.3 (SP4)

peer SAProuter with NI version 41 … send info-request to running SAProuter…

SAP Network Interface Router running on port 3299 (PID = 26123) Started on : Wed Jul 12:14:11 2012



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