How to Reset SAP* Logon Password

If we don’t know any user’s password even SAP* , then we have to open “SAP* logon option with DEFAULT password” to logon related SAP system and Client.

To do this follow the steps below ;

1 – Change the following parameter value if activated on your system.

login/no_automatic_user_sapstar=0 (if value selected to 1 then you cannot logon with default password)

If you need to change this parameter unfortunately you need to restart SAP system.

2 – Open SQLPlus and delete the SAP* user , system will open with necessary authorizations and default password

SQLPlus Syntax ;

Delete from schemaname.usr02 where bname = ‘USER’ and mandt = ‘CLIENT Number’;

Example ;

Username : SAP*
Client : 000
Schema : SAPSR3

Delete from sapsr3.usr02 where bname = ‘SAP*’ and mandt = ’000′;

3 – Try to logon SAP system with following parameters

Client : 000
Username : SAP*
Password : PASS

P.S : Don’t forget to get back parameter login/no_automatic_user_sapstar value to 1 after the process





2 Responses to "How to Reset SAP* Logon Password"

  1. madhu says:

    delete from SAPSR3.USR02 where bname=”User name” MANDT =”Client num”;

    not Client = 000

  2. sapbasisinfo says:

    Yes Madhu , you are definitely right , it has to be ;

    Delete from sapsr3.usr02 where bname = ‘SAP*’ and MANDT = ‘Client Number’;

    I will correct it ASAP…

    Thank you so much…

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