Get TCOLL Error After RTCCTOOL Report Runs

After running RTCCTOOL report while working EWA (Early Watch Alert) configuration,  you can get TCOLL error like below ;


We have to add missing entry in TCOLL table.

We will get this missing entry detail  information after double clicking the red warning line.


You can see ; “RSLDQREORG” entry is missing in table TCOLL so we have to add this entry to TCOLL table

For this , follow the steps below ;

ST03N ->Expert Mode->Collector and Performance DB->Performance Monitor Collector->Execution Times


You can get the table list display after double clicking the “Execution Times” area


Now we should press the “Execution Times” button to enable change option for table


We should add the RSLDQREORG entry with new line to the table

Now we have to fill all area with XXX characters to configure the job times


After the last step , we should SAVE the changes what we made and restart the program “RTCCTOOL”

We should get the report without any TCOLL error anymore.


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