How to Delete a SAP Client

If we want to delete a SAP client on our SAP system,  then we can check the following steps and do it easly…

1 – Logon the related client which we want to delete with the user who has SAP_ALL authorization .

Example : Client No : 010

2 – Run  the tcode –> SCC5

3 – If we going to check “Delete Entry from T000″ selection area , then related client information also will be deleted from the table T000 which SCC4 tcode uses for the client information

otherwise we should delete manually from table T000 after the SCC5 delete operation.


4 – Configure the process number


5 – We can start the deletion operation now but don’t forget the start this operation as “backgroud job”


6 – We can follow the operation via tcode SCC3



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