What is WorkProcess? What are the Types?

SAP workprocesses are part of the application server which can handle maximum one presentation server request at one time.SAP workprocess contains “ABAP interpreter” , “Screen Interpreter” , “Task Handler” and “Database Interface” sections.


workprocess structure03


Presentation server request passed over task handler and uses other workprocess sections.

Every request has two memory areas which are “User Context” and “Roll Area”

User Context Memory Area , stores the information about the SAP user.

Roll Memory Area , stores the information about the SAP program.


SAP has seven types of workprocesses ;

1 – Dialog Work Process , D : To execute Dialog Steps

SAP Profile Parameter : rdisp/wp_no_dia

2 – Update Work Process , V : For Database Updates

SAP Profile Parameter : rdisp/wp_no_vb

3 – Enqueue Work Process , E : Responsible of Lock Table

SAP Profile Parameter : rdisp/wp_no_enq

4 – Background Work Process , B : Responsible of Background Jobs

SAP Profile Parameter : rdisp/wp_no_btc

5 – Message Server Process , M : Responsible of Routing the Messages between the Application Servers)

6 – Gateway Work Process , G : Responsible of Message Transfer between SAP Systems

7 – Spool Work Process , S : Responsible of Spool Requests

SAP Profile Parameter : rdisp/wp_no_spo


We can check the workprocesses of our SAP system via tcode SM50


SAP Work Process SM50




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