What is the Difference Between “Static” and “Dynamic” SAP Parameters

SAP has two type of “SAP Profile Parameters”

1 – Static Parameters

2 – Dynamic Parameters

All static parameters needs “SAP System Restart” before it’s activated, but we can change all Dynamic parameters without SAP system restart , these type of parameters get activated when they changed via RZ11

We can describe easy which parameters are “Dynamic” or which parameters are “Static” via tcode RZ11 , if parameter has “DynamicallySwitchable” mark, then we can change these kind of parameters without SAP system restart but don’t forget the configure this kind of changes into profile parameters otherwise after any restart operation they will be gone ….

Let’s check an example ;

Parameter : “gw/so_keepalive”

SAP Dynamic and Static Parameters

There is “DynamicallySwitchable” is already selected for this parameter and there is “Change Value” button is ACTIVE for this parameter , so this is a dynamic parameter and we can change the value withour any SAP restart operation.




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  1. Static Parameter: Systm Restart Required
    Dynamic Parameter: Systm Restart NOTRequired


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