SQL Quick Viewer

SQL Quick Viewer is the part of SAP system which is not very much known by the Basis admins but it’s also very helpfull tool for getting the table entries with any kind of patterns which you want…

Let’s check this tool with an example ;

- Run the tcode SQVI and give a NAME for it ,  then press the CREATE button

SQL Quick Viewer 01

- Input a TITLE ,  for our example select “Table Join” option as “Data Source” while “Basis Mode has been Selected”

SQL Quick Viewer 02

- Add “USER_ADDR” and “AGR_USERS” tables via “Insert Table” button on the screen

SQL Quick Viewer 03

- Now all the entries are shown on the screen for related tables

SQL Quick Viewer 04

- Click the “Back” button , now we should see all the data belogs to the tables which were selected by us.

- Now we can check the areas which we want to get a report or list from these tables.

SQL Quick Viewer 05

- Execute (F8) the next “Layout” screen

- Select “Data Count” and then press the  Continue (Enter)

- Finally we got the report/list which we want to display for related tables with our selections.

SQL Quick Viewer 06

So , if we wish we can download this report to our computer or transfer to the excel format.



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