SAPGui Favorites for SAP Users

We can add our frequently using transaction codes to “Favorites” group for our SAP User.Also we can “Download” this favorites to our computers or “Upload” to our SAP system.

First lets start with Adding or Removing a transaction code to our Favorites group.

Open related transaction and click to “Add to Favorites” button which located on “Application Tool Bar”

If we want to remove some tcodes from our favorites group , then just press “Delete Favorites” button on the some bar.

SAPGui User Favorites

Also we can do this operation by right clicking the “Favorites Title” and choose the operation from the menu like below ;

SAPGui User Favorites 03

Last thing i would like to share with you , we can do all this operations also by “Favorites menu title” selection like shown below ;

Via this way also you can use “Download to PC” or “Upload from PC” options for Favorites.

SAPGui User Favorites 02

Also another precious information is , all users favorites are stored in the table “SMEN_BUFFC” for SAP systems.



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