Delete SAP Client from OS Level

If you have to delete a SAP client in your SAP system and you don’t have any authorization or user for this client , then you can do this operation on operation system level without any authorized SAP user needed.

Just follow the steps below…

1 – First you have to reach /usr/sap/trans/bin directory with user SIDadm on OS level.

2 – Create a file which includes following content (example client number is : 300)

select  *

We can save the file with any format but it’s better to use following standart name structure


For our example , SID = ABC and CLIENT = 300 , so the file should be look like ;


Delete SAP Client from OS Level

3 – Let’s realized the operation via R3TRANS command

R3trans -w delete_<SID>_clntno.log delete_<SID>_<clntno>.ctl

R3trans -w delete_ABC_300.log delete_ABC_300.ctl

4 – If you wish , you can monitor the deletion operation via TAIL command

tail -f delete_ABC_300.log




12 Responses to "Delete SAP Client from OS Level"

  1. michael kors says:

    Many thanks for taking turns this kind of superb subject material on your site. I noticed it on the internet. I am going to check back again when you post much more aricles.

  2. shakeel quadri says:

    can u please how to do client copy at os level also

  3. shakeel quadri says:

    how to do client copy at os level and how to create client at os level

  4. sapbasisinfo says:

    Hello Shakeel ,

    Please check the following link and R3trans command for details.

    Best Regards.

  5. Amjad says:

    Hi guys i followed the above commands to delete the client at OS level and i am not able to achieve it, . you can find below instructions what i followed, and what i am getting..

    ERPQUA:aeqadm 51> cd /usr/sap/trans/bin
    ERPQUA:aeqadm 52> ls -ltr
    total 20
    -rw-r–r–. 1 root root 1504 Jan 29 14:07 TP_DOMAIN_AED.PFL
    -rw-r–r–. 1 root root 1478 Jan 29 14:07 TP_DOMAIN_AED.BAK
    -rw-r–r–. 1 root root 31 Jan 29 14:07 TMS_TEST.AEP
    -rw-r–r–. 1 root root 689 Jan 29 14:07 DOMAIN.CFG
    -rw-r–r–. 1 root root 39 Jul 27 10:23 delaeq220.ctl
    ERPQUA:aeqadm 53>
    ERPQUA:aeqadm 53> cat delaeq220.ctl
    Client = 220
    Select *
    ERPQUA:aeqadm 54>
    ERPQUA:aeqadm 54> R3trans -w delaeq220.log -u 1 delaeq220.ctl
    This is R3trans version 6.24 (release 741 – 18.11.14 – 20:14:09).
    unicode enabled version
    2EETW152 Cannot open file “delaeq220.log”.
    : Permission denied
    R3trans finished (0012).
    ERPQUA:aeqadm 55>

  6. Amjad says:

    Awaiting for reply..

  7. sapbasisinfo says:

    Hello Amjad ,

    Please check your file permissions , as i can see that ; you have created related file with ‘root’ user , please follow the steps with “sidadm” user..

    Best Regards.

  8. Amjad says:

    i cant create the .ctl file with sidadm user inside the /usr/sap/trans/bin.

    and one more question , where do i need to run this command
    R3trans -w delaeq220.log -u 1 delaeq220.ctl

    is it inside the directory ie(usr/sap/trans/bin)
    just after login as sidadm

  9. Amjad says:

    awaiting ..

  10. Amjad says:

    yes, that was the directory permissions issue, i just started the client deletion and monitoring the log


    taif -f .log

  11. Amjad says:

    The client deletion is DONE
    R3trans finised (0000).

    and still and i am able to login to the deleted client with sap* user and i also checked the filesystem with df -h, that also not changed.

    can u guide me further , urgent please

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