INS ( Insert) and OVR (Overwrite) Options in SAP System

You can see the word of INS or OVR on the right bottom side of the SAP screen if you curious about these words lets check it together…


If you choose the INS mode then you can enter data between existing data but if you going to choose OVR mode then you will write your input over the existing data…

You can change the modes via clicking the related area on SAPGui screen or using the keyboard insert (INS) button.


INS ( Insert) and OVR (Overwrite) Options in SAP System


INS ( Insert) and OVR (Overwrite) Options in SAP System

21 Responses to "INS ( Insert) and OVR (Overwrite) Options in SAP System"

  1. Keith says:

    This was very helpful. Thank you!!!!

  2. sapbasisinfo says:

    You’re welcome..

  3. Inoka says:

    thanking you very much

  4. Minh says:

    Thanks you!!! it helps me

  5. Elena says:

    Great advice, thank you.

  6. Albert says:

    Wow, so simple :-) Pitty I only found this page after wasting an hour… thanks a lot!

  7. NSirisak says:

    Thank a lot, my office note book does not has insert button and you save me haha.


  8. Robert says:

    Hi, Can I change the default-Value OVR to INS? If yes, where? Kind regards.

  9. Krishna says:

    Thanks a Lot. :-)

  10. cc says:

    You saved my life lol

  11. Natasha says:

    Thanks. This is very helpful.

  12. Bhashyam Sai Rohit says:

    Thank you so much.
    This one helped me a lot.

  13. mira says:

    this is what i’ve been searching for..thanks for your tips

  14. Langkurst Rune says:

    Finally found this after 3.5 Years. Wish I googled this sooner….

  15. IronGumby says:

    You win the internet. Thank you! BTW I had to click a little double chevron in the bottom right-hand corner to show the INS/OVR

  16. Adam says:

    And where is that INS or OVR in Quartz Theme?

  17. Neil says:

    Quartz Theme has no INS/OVR anymore.
    Press option / page down keys simultaneously to change mode. (if you don’t have insert key on your keyboard)

  18. Neil says:

    Btw. On Mac keyboard you can just use fn and enter.

    • J says:

      that unfortunately is not propagated in all virtualization clients properly. Also there is no page down key on Macbooks. My usual way is to change to Blue Crystal Theme and then change it as shown in the screenshot. If there is any way to get it working otherwise in newer Themes with MBP and virtualization I’d be happy to know.

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