Difference between Workbench and Customizing Requests

There are some difference between “Workbench Requests” and “Customizing Requests” , let’s see what are the important difference they have…

Go to transaction code SE01 and now you can filter the requests by “Request Type” like shown below

Difference between Workbench and Customizing Requests

Customizing Requests;

Change of customizing settings are recorded in “Customizing Requests”.

Customizing requests contain changes to “Client Depending Tables”.

When we release the requests , the current status of the recorded settings are
exported and can be transport to other SAP systems.

When we create a customizing request, the transport target system automatically
assigned by the transport layer configuration of SAP STMS system.

Workbench Requests ;

If going to change “ABAP workbench objects” then “Workbench Requests” recorded
by the SAP system.

Workbench requests contain changes to “Client Independent Tables” and related to the
Development tasks.

There are two type of workbench requests , one of is LOCAL and the other one is “TRANSPORTABLE”

Transport of Copies ;

Transport of copies help us to transport objects to other SAP systems.

Relocations ;

There are three types of relocations:

Relocations without package change

Relocations with package change

Relocations of complete packages


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