Activate Emergency user on AS Java

If you want to activate an “emergency user” on AS Java for in case of J2EE_ADMIN user is unusable or locked then you should do the following steps on “Configtool

Procedure for this situation ;

- Goto  /usr/sap/SID/J*/j2ee/configtool

- Execute

- Expand the left menu tree Instance –> Services –>

Then you will see the related values like below screen

Activate Emergency user on AS Java

Change the values as shown below

Key                                                           Value                       Comment

ume.superadmin.activated                       true                        This activates the SAP* user

ume.superadmin.password                     <password>            Enter any password you want for the user SAP*

- Restart AS Java

Afterwards you can use the “SAP*” as emergency user for the JAVA system.

Once SAP* is activated all other users will be deactivated till SAP* is disabled again on the AS JAVA system.

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