SUSE Linux “Software” Selection for HANA Installation

If you want to install “HANA System” on your SUSE Linux installation , then you should select the following “Software’s” according to related SAP OSS notes while your Linux system installation is running.

1310037 – SUSE LINUX Enterprise Server 11: Installation notes

Validity: 08.09.2015 – active 

SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 11
- Base System
- Help and Support Documentation
- Minimal System (Appliances)
- X Window System (only as an option, but we need at least the X11-server and X11-libs to run the grafical installer)
- Print Server
- SAP Application Server Base
- Web-Based Enterprise Management
- C/C++ Compiler and Tools

Optional software selections:
- Gnome Desktop Environment

  • If you intend to install Oracle and SAP on the same system, please, do not install the “Oracle Server Base” pattern (i.e. the “orarun” RPM package) on the system. Doing so, will prevent “sapinst” from doing a correct installation of the SAP system parts.
  • If your SAP component requires the java jdk 1.4.2 you need to install the java JDK from the additional SDK media. This media is available at:http://download.suse.comSelect the “SUSE Linux Enterprise Software Development Kit” as product and version 11 (same Service Pack) of this product.  Press the button “search” to get a download list. You will need a SUSE account to proceed with the download

1855805 – Recommended SLES 11 packages for HANA support on OS level

Validity: 11.06.2013 – active

The installation of the patterns “Minimal” and “Base” is strongly recommended because these patterns already contain most linux tools the development support will need to quickly analyze issues on your system.

Additionally the installation of these packages might be requested by your support contact during message processing:

bing                A Point-to-Point Bandwidth Measurement Tool
bonnie              File System Benchmark
cairo               Vector Graphics Library
findutils-locate    Tool for Locating Files
graphviz            Graph Visualization Tools
iptraf              TCP/IP Network Monitor
krb5-32bit          MIT Kerberos5 Implementation–Libraries
krb5-client         MIT Kerberos5 implementation – client programs
nfs-client          Support Utilities for NFS
sensors             Hardware health monitoring for Linux

Additionally for the support of SSL the installation of the packages sapCrypto and SAR is needed.

“SUSE Linux Enterprise 11 SP4 for SAP Applications” Installation screen for the related selection area ;

SUSE Linux "Software" Selection for HANA Installation

SUSE Linux "Software" Selection for HANA Installation



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