SAP HANA License Types

You can find the details of “SAP HANA License Types” and difference of the “Unenforced” and “Enforced” options in this article…

Types of License for SAP HANA

There are 2 types of license for SAP HANA systems;

1 –  Temporary License ; A temporary license  is installed by default when you install the HANA database.

These license is valid only for 90 days and after the expiration date your HANA system will be locked down therefore you should request permanent license from SAP market place before expiry expiration date  .

2 – Permanent License ;SAP can provide permanent license upon customer request. Permanent License is valid only till the predefine expiration date .

Once expiration date period is over, then your license will get expired and a temporary license will be installed automatically for 28 days period and during this period, you have to install a permanent License again.

There are 2 types of “Permenant License” available ;

Unenforced –> If you installed a “Unenforced license key” for your HANA system, then system will send a warning message to you if over usages of SAP HANA licensed memory amount but it will not get “locked down” status, operation of SAP HANA is not affected in this situation.

Enforced –>  If you have memory usage HANA license and If “Enforced license key ” is installed thenin case of any consumption of HANA system exceeds the license amount of memory, then your HANA system gets locked. In this situation; you have to restart your HANA system pr install new license key that appropriate to your HANA system.

For an Example  ;

If you have a 2 TB memory HANA system but you have only license it for 1 TB usage, then if the system usage is increased over licensed amount (1 TB) then the system will locked down amd you have ot restart your HANA system or install a new license key to continue.

To check your HANA system license is “Unenforced” or “Enforced”, execute the following SQL query ;


HANA License Issues


6 Responses to "SAP HANA License Types"

  1. Natasha Mary says:

    Thank you for information you providing on SAP

  2. nadia says:

    While lauching SAP GUI getting error as below
    load balancing error (9)

    could you please help?


    • sapbasisinfo says:

      Please check the following solution ;

      1) File saplogon.ini should only be in the C:\Windows directory if they already have been replaced must be sought on the computer after the saplogon.ini. Sometimes it can happen that in the SAP GUI directory is another saplogon.ini that will be loaded at startup. Just delete the file, the problem should then resolved.

      2) If this does not lead to a solution may need to have in Windows\system32\drivers\etc directory, the IP & Hostname in hosts and sapmsSID 3600/tcp in services file to be checked.

      Also below OSS Note ;

      Note 1087494 – SAP Logon / SAP Logon Pad: show system status

      • Nadia says:

        Hi team,

        Thanks for the solution. We have many users complaining this issue

        I checked files are at c:\windows only.
        Second step is not clear
        ip & hostname should of computer? Or sap server? From will I be able to get sapmssid?


        • sapbasisinfo says:

          Hello Nadia ,

          You should check SAP server’s and clients’”services” file entries from the location “C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc”

          For an example ;

          sapmsAB1 3600/tcp
          sapmsAB2 3600/tcp
          sapmsAB3 3600/tcp

  3. Nilesh says:

    By default in permanent license which type gen install? Enforced or u enforced?

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