SYNCMARK Transport Request Name in STMS Import Queue

SYNCMARK entries are only needed when TP is allowed to import several transport requests in parallel, ans it’s used to avoid that two transport requests that contain the same object are imported parallel and should be automatically removed after the process.

Example situation about the issue look like this ;

SYNCMARK Transport Request Name in STMS Import Queue

Before removing SYNCMARK, we should check the following conditions ;

1 – There are no active import actions in SPAM/SAINT

2 – SUM or other programs are not working on the related system.

Solution ;

1. Take a backup of the buffer file.


2. Execute the “tp delsyncmark” command to delete SYNCMARK.

tp delsyncmark ALL <SID> pf=/usr/sap/trans/bin/<Profile>.PFL

3. If step2 doesn’t work, you can delete the all lines of “SYNCMARK” from buffer file directly.

finally (Not must for the SYNCMARK issue),  we can run “tp cleanbuffer” command to delete all imported transports from the buffer file.

tp cleanbuffer <SID> pf=/usr/sap/trans/bin/<Profile>.PFL


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