HANA Database Revision Upgrade on OS Level (HDBLCM)

You can upgrade your “HANA Database Revision Level” with Web Support or OS level steps, in this note; i would like to share my “HANA 1.0″ revision upgrade from level 03 to level 11 on “SUSE Linux 12 SP2″ Operating System via OS level steps.

- Download and copy the related files to your system. You can use the following link to get informations you need about this step…

“Check for SAP HANA Components Updates”

- Go to the update directory and execute the “hdblcm” command to start related tool.

Tool will scan your system and find the installed components and the versions, You can continue with “Update” or “Install” options.

In our case we will continue with option “1 (update)”

HANA Revision Upgrade on OS Level

- Now we need to decide which component(s) we want to update, we can continue with option “1 – ALL” to update all components we have installed.

We need to provide following information before start the process ;

  • <SID>adm username’s password of the related system
  • Database username, SYSTEM user is the default option
  • Provided database username’s password

HANA Revision Upgrade on OS Level

- We can start the process with “Y”

HANA Revision Upgrade on OS Level

Final updated version informations will be given by the tool like below ;

HANA Revision Upgrade on OS Level


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