Job RDDIMPDP is not triggered by sapevt

If you are getting an error message like Background jobs cannot be started.” in your “tp system log” then probably RDDIMPDP job is not triggered by sapevt on your SAP system, in this case you can check the following parameter to solve the issue…

In this situation you should see the error message like below in your “TP System Log” ;

Job RDDIMPDP is not triggered by sapevt

- First of all we need to check following parameters are defined in the DEFAULT profile ;

rdisp/mshost = <hostname>
rdisp/msserv = sapms<SID>
SAPSYSTEM = 00 (this is the system number)

- Next check is “services file” for the sapms<SID> entry (Location for windows systems –> \%WIND_DIR%\system32\drivers\etc). This entry should have the format:

sapms<SID> 3600/tcp

- Then you should give a try to add following parameter for this SAP system’s transport profile like shown below ;

(or you can check the TP_DOMAIN_<SID>.PFL file or TPPARAM for older releases)


Job RDDIMPDP is not triggered by sapevt





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