HANA Cleaner Python Script – hanacleaner.py

SAP HANA cleanup tasks like purging the backup catalog or deleting old trace files need to be implemented individually.SAP created a Python script which called as HANACLEANER.PY to perform these tasks automatically.

Installation “hanacleaner.py”

We can install SAP HANACleaner in the following way:

- Download the attached script hanacleaner.py from SNOTE 2399996

2399996 – How-To: Configuring automatic SAP HANA Cleanup with SAP HANACleaner

- Copy to HANA database server.

It’s better to copy this script to below location ;


HANA Cleaner Python Script - hanacleaner.py

Usage of “hanacleaner.py” 

To check all the available configuration options ;

python hanacleaner.py — help

Example usage of the hanacleaner.py ;

No execution of actions (“hanacleaner needs input arguments”).

python hanacleaner.py

Clean up backup catalog entries and backups that are older than 30 days and that don’t be long to the ten newest backups.

python hanacleaner.py -be 10 -bd 30 -td true

Clean up statistics server alerts, traces and backup catalog entries older than 42 days, rename and compress backup.log and backint.log when size exceeds 50 MB, handle / acknowledge events after 2 / 42 days

python hanacleaner.py -tc 42 -tf 42 -ar 42 -bd 42 -zb 50 -eh 2 -eu 42

Configure “hanacleaner.py” as a script with crontab entries ;

- First we need to create a user to execute this script ;

We can create the user as HANACLEANER via HANA Administration Concole

HANA Cleaner Python Script - hanacleaner.py

We need to add below authorizations to user HANACLEANER

HANA Cleaner Python Script - hanacleaner.py

- Now we continue with “hdbuserstore” steps ;

We need to create a KEY via following syntax.

hdbuserstore SET SYSTEMKEY <servername>:<port> <username> <password>

HANA Cleaner Python Script - hanacleaner.py

- Let’s make a connection test ;

python hanacleaner.py -k SYSTEMKEY -be 20

HANA Cleaner Python Script - hanacleaner.py

- Create “hanacleaner.sh” script with hanacelaner.py options.

Example script content ;

source $HOME/.bashrc
python /usr/sap/<SID>/HDB00/exe/python_support/hanacleaner.py -fl 25 -fo true -tc 30 -tf 40 -td true -to true -es true -os false -ar 30 -ad true -bd 60 -zb 40 -lr 3 -eh 10 -eu 10 -lr 3 -fo true -or 25 -op /usr/sap/<SID>/HDB00/<SERVERNAME>/trace

- Configure crontab entries for <SID>adm user for every night at 1 c’clock

crontab -e -u <SID>adm

0 1 * * * /tmp/HANACLEANER/hanacleaner.sh >> /tmp/HANACLEANER/hanacleaner.log 2>&1

HANA Cleaner Python Script - hanacleaner.py

Check the Output;

HANA Cleaner Python Script - hanacleaner.py


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  1. Sahil says:


    When i schedule hana cleaner through crontab, it fails with the error :

    /bin/sh : hdbuserstore : command not found.

    However, when i run the hanacleaner script manually, it works fine.

    Can you please suggest if any special config is required for cronjob scheduling ?


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