“Upgrade is running! No import possible” in ACT_UPG

If the SAP system in upgrade mode and no import possible, then you can use the following database query on the “UVERS” table.

UVERS Table ;

"Upgrade is running! No import possible" in ACT_UPG

Check the database status with the following database query ;

SQL> select * from UVERS where PUTSTATUS=’U’

Then update table uvers directly on database, in this cas pay attention to update only entries with values “U”

SQL> update uvers set PUTSTATUS=’+’ where PUTSTATUS=’U’

SQL> commit;

Before continue on upgrade operation, open a SAPGUI session with the DDIC user and “reset the buffers”

to do this, enter the string /$SYNC in the code field.

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  1. JLCIRET says:

    Many thanks , It saves my life after an aborted upgrade on a sandbox system

  2. sapbasisinfo says:

    Happy to hear that.

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