SAP Spool : “Waiting in host spooler (Position 1)”

When you get an issue on printing side of your SAP system and you found the error “Waiting in host spooler (Position 1)” then you can check the following possibilities to solve the issue.

Your print request status should be shown in the following picture ;

SAP Spool : "Waiting in host spooler (Position 1)"

The message “Waiting in host spooler” means that the spool request has been successfully handed over from SAP to OS level of the host spooler, but it is stuck or delayed there for unknown reasons, outside of the control of the SAP system.

There are local problems on OS level of the host spooler or print server, outside of the SAP system and outside of SAP control.

The output request is to be sent or is being sent to the spool work process, or for formatting, in the host spool system.

If this status is displayed for a request for an extended period of time (more than one minute), the corresponding spool work process may have terminated, or there may have been a problem establishing a connection to a remote output device.

The spool work process automatically reprints the output request affected by the problem.

Please check the following steps to eliminate the problem ;

  1. The issue needs to be resolved locally.  Check with your server administrator why the host spooler / print server is reporting problems and why the spools are stuck or delayed here at OS level.  The problem could also be with the physical printer.
  2. Some possible examples of the cause could be an overloaded OS spooler or overloaded printer queue, individual printer off-line or paper jam, etc.  The exact cause should be determined locally in each case.  There is no setting in SAP which can influence the performance on the print server side after the spool is passed there.
  3. Printing with access method U directly to a network printer (i.e. not through a host spooler / print server) can also result in the ‘Waiting in host spooler’ problem.  This is not recommended as described in note 64628.  Printing directly to the printer may result in spool errors and long delays in printing.  It may also result in some spools, or some pages from spools, not being printed.  Refer to note 64628:
    1. 64628 - Using network printers from R/3
  4. Refer to note 2326576 for reactivating print jobs which have failed:
    1. 2326576 - Delayed print jobs do not print after connection problem to PrintServer
  5. For SAPSprint, it is always recommended to use the latest patch version as described in note 894444.  There are also additional trace logs available as described in KBA note 1780925.  However, while the additional trace might be useful to help with analysing the issue, the “Waiting in host spooler” problem remains an OS host spooler problem outside of SAP.
    1. 894444 - Tool for server-based printing on Windows (SAPSprint)
    2. 1780925 - Collect SAPSprint windows log files

Detail information are in the following OSS Note ;

2597749 – Spool status “Waiting in host spooler”








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