Changing Java Stack TimeZone Setting

If you want to change your timezone setting for your SAP system’s “JAVA Stack” then you should follow the below steps..

First of we can check our current timezone setting with the following method ;

Open your browser and logon to your systems JAVA Stack area.


Click the “System Properties” link whic is under the “Server0″ title area

Changing Java Stack TimeZone Setting

Then you can see the detail informations of your java stack parameters with the current value of the “Timezone” parameter.

Changing Java Stack TimeZone Setting

Now we are going to change this value , for this we should open our “ConfigTool” on the related server and do the following steps.

For opening Config Tool ;

Goto “ usr/sap/SID/DVEBMGS00/J2ee/ConfigTool” location and execute the “configtool.bat” file.

Open the “Additional” tab with the following steps ;

“Cluster-Data” –> “Instance” –> on the right side  “VM Parameters” –> last tab “Additional”

Changing Java Stack TimeZone Setting

If you have already assigned value to this parameter then just select the parameter , write the new value to “Custom Value” area and click the “Set” button.

If you add this parameter newly , then click the “New” button which is under the related page and add “timezone” parameter with the new value as shown below.

Timezone parameter syntax is : “-Duser.timezone” and you can find the suitable value for your location from OSS note “1867012 : SAP JVM Time Zone Values”

Last thing is “Restarting” the system , after that new value will be activated.







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