Cannot Determine MSHOST

If you are getting an error like “cannot determine mshost” while you are trying to import a request to you SAP system , then you should check the following tips to eliminate this situation.

DEV_EVT log file (under “work” directory) shows you the following message ;

Cannot Determine MSHOST

Check the below steps ;

- DEFAULT.PFL has to include below parameters

rdisp/mshost = <hostname>
rdisp/msserv = sapms<SID>
SAPSYSTEM = <System Number>

- Check “services” file for the TCP-IP Port 3600

Should have following entry ;

sapms<SID>  3600/tcp

- Correct location of the file TP_DOMAIN<SID>.PFL

Check the DIR_TRANS value in your DEFULT.PFL , this parameter shows you the location of your TP_DOMAIN<SID>.PFL file.

- Most probably your SYSTEM_PF parameter is missing.

Goto transaction STMS on transport domain system and open the following area ;

STMS –> Overview –> Systems –> Double click the related “SID” –> Click on the “Transport Tool” tab

Add the following line ;

SYSTEM_PF = \\<ServerName>\sapmnt\<SID>\SYS\profile\DEFAULT.PFL

Cannot Determine MSHOST

Then distribute this setting to other system via ;

STMS –> Overview –> Systems –> Extras –> Distrubite TMS Configuration

Now check the situation again and i hope that you won’t see again…




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