“RFC Server Program” Registration on SAP

We will see how we can register a “RFC Server Program” on our SAP system.

We can register an RFC Program via SAP GATEWAY mechanism and this mechanism always stay active for receiving “RFC Call Requests”

If we would like to register an RFC program over the operating system level, we should follow the steps below

nohup rfcexec -a(program) -g<host> -xsap<gateway>&

For example let’s do this for SAPXPG_DBDEST


for this RFC , we have to run following command ;

nohup rfcexec -asapxpg -gr01-ci -xsapgw00 &

- sapxpg –> SAP Program name

- r01-ci –> Hostname

-gateway –> gw<system number> (example : gw00)

This register operation for operating system :  UNIX

If we are getting an error text same as below on Windows system ;

“ERROR: program ABCD not registered”

Then we have to run following command with user “<sid>adm”

 rfcexec –g<program id> -a<gateway hostname> -x<gateway service>

We can check with steps ;

SMGW –> GOTO –> “Logged on Clients”

There should be a line for releated program.(System Type REGISTER_TP)


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