If you want to eliminate some possible accidents while using STMS system like importing all waiting requests to PROD system then we should activate “NO_IMPORT_ALL” parameter immediatly..

After this operation you won’t see following risky button anymore


For this , first of all you have to logon “STMS DOMAIN CONTROLLER” system with Client : 000 and then do the steps below ;

STMS –> System Overview –> Select the system which you want to change –> Select the “Transport Tool”  tab –> Change (Ctrl+F1) –> Insert Row

Parameters : NO_IMPORT_ALL
Value           : 1


Save (Ctrl + S)

You will get the following popup ;

Should Configuration Change be Distrubited Immediately

Select :  YES

Process has been completed , now you won’t see “Import All Request / Big Truck” button anymore…


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