CMC/BI LaunchPad Session Timeout

If you are getting an error “CMC/BI Lanunchpad Session Timeout” due to default value of 20 min. then  you can change this value up to 60 min. with following easy steps.

- Go to following folder

<BI Folder>\SAP BusinessObjects\tomcat\webapps\BOE\WEB-INF

- Edit the file “web.xml”




- Save the file and restart the tomcat from “Central Configuration Manager”

If you want to do this changes over the Central Central Manager then follow the steps below ;

Servers –> Server List –> Web Intelligence Processing Server (Right click) –> Properties –> Change the parameter “Idle Connection Timeout”

CMC/BI Launchpad Session Timeout

 Save –> Web Intelligence Processing Server (Right click)  –> Restart Server




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