SPAM/SAINT with parallel R3trans

This information helps to significantly speed the long-running import phases when applying add-ons or support packages via transactions SPAM or SAINT.

In this case, we need to activate “Parallel Import” option with the below steps ;

Modify SPAM/SAINT settings

a) Call transaction SPAM or SAINT.

b) Choose ‘Extras’–>‘Settings’.

SPAM/SAINT with parallel R3trans

c) Go to “Import Qeueu” tab

SPAM/SAINT with parallel R3trans

d) Within section ‘Parallel R3trans’ specify the ‘Number of parallel processes per R3trans’. SAP recommends an initial value of 4. For HANA databases we recommend an initial value of 10.

d) Choose ‘continue’.

2 Responses to "SPAM/SAINT with parallel R3trans"

  1. Willem says:

    Can I change this while my SAINT import is running in phase IMPORT_PROPER?

  2. sapbasisinfo says:

    As far as i know, you can not change after starting the process.

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