Adding more SAP Systems to Single SAPMMC

If you want to manage your more than one SAP system on a single SAP Management Console, then you can add all your SAP systems to one SAPMMC window.

To do this , please follow the steps shown below ;

- Open the SAPMMC window on the SAP system which you want to use it for management

Adding SAP System to Single MMC

- Select “SAP System” –> Right Click and Press the “Properties”

Adding SAP System to Single MMC

- Go to “Fixed” tab and fill the areas ;

System : SAP’s SID which you want to add this SAPMMC windows

Instance : SAP’s ServerName and InstanceNumber for the related SAP system

For Example ;

System : CKL

Instance : CKLServer 00

After the values completed then please press the “Add” button to add this new system to SAPMMC window

Adding SAP System to Single MMC

- Now you should see both SAP system on single SAPMMC window , you can add more systems to this screen easly with this method

Adding SAP System to Single MMC

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